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Standard ISO 22301

ISO 22301 Societal security Business continuity management systems - Requirements is an international standard, defining the requirements for development, implementation and maintenance of business continuity systems (BCMS) and based on the British standard BS 25999-2.

The main differences between this new international standard and BS 25999-2 consist in:
- Greater detailing of the requirements for business continuity plans, including recovery plans;
- Detailing the requirements for the measurements;
- Emphasis on operational planning and implementation of BCMS controls.

The standard is applicable for  all types of organizations regardless of their scale and purpose, but is particularly suitable for organizations operating with a high degree of risk in an environment with high potential for threats and high sensitivity to sudden disruptions of business processes (eg financial institutions , health institutions, telecoms, administration, etc.).

Why should you implement  business continuity management system  ?

The main reasons to implement the business continuity management system
directly derived from the need to protect the vital processes of the organization from disruption and ensuring stability in the business. The main advantages of introducing such a system are related to:

- Stability and continuity of the main processes in the organization
- Minimize the risk of losses associated with unexpected interruptions
- Increasing confidence in the organization of the partners
- Enhancing competitiveness

Business continuity management system built according to the standard ISO 22301, would allow your organization to continue performing critical operations even in the case of unexpected circumstances.


Our specialists  could  be extremely helpful throughout  the process of developing and implementing  business continuity management system, in affect of improving your system, conducting compliance audits of the system, training of staff and others.

Compliance audit

Compliance audit is to review the status of the processes and the practices within the organization, analysis and evaluation based on the standard ISO 22301. Compliance  audit may be performed before developing a business continuity management system and to provide competent external evaluation of the implemented system.

Risk assesment

The risk assesment of the organization's important assets is the basis for the development and implementation of an effective to the  business continuity management system. This  process  requires excellent knowledge of the methodologies for risk assessment and the specifics of your business. . Our consultants  will make this process much more secure  and efficient.


Training of  the staff and especially the management team is  a very important condition for an effective implementation and operation of  the business continuity management system. That is the reason why  we offer a lot  of training programs, including lectures, practical work, role plays and more.


The certification process is an assessment of your business continuity management system performed by a certification body against the requirements of the standard ISO 22301.  Upon successfully passing the certification audit, you will get a certificate that ensures the compliance between your system and the requirements of the standard. In that  process, particularly important is the final preparation before conducting certification audit.

Thanks to its experience as auditors to various certification bodies, our experts will prove valuable methodological assistance in preparation for certification audits, as well as during the audit.

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