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27001:2013 standard

ISO 27001:2013 is an international standard defining the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and managing of information security management systems (iSMS).

Standard is applicable to all types of organizations - commercial companies, state administration, non-governmental institutions that own and want to improve the security of sensitive to them and their partners information.

Why should you implement an information security management system?

Each organization according to specific activities and business goals may have different reasons to start implementing of information security management system but the main ones are:
  1. Increase the security of sensitive organization information (commercial information, information technology, manufacturing information, etc.).
  2. Requirements of existing legislation (personal data, accounting information, e-commerce, etc.).
  3. Compliance with the requirements of information security posed by partners
  4. Increase prestige and credibility of the organization
  5. Competitive advantages


The specialists of our team can help you extremely helpful throughout the process of developing and implementing your information security management system and also to improve the system, training staff and others.

Compliance Audit

Compliance audit is a review of the status of processes and practices within the organization, analysis and evaluation based on the standard ISO 27001:2013. Compliance audits can be done well before the development of information security management system and responsible for external evaluation of your embedded system.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment  of information assets of the organization is the foundation of development and implementation of an effective  information security management system. This is a sufficient important process that requires very good knowledge of methodologies for risk assessment . Our experts due to their experience in consulting and auditing systems will make this process much more secure and efficient.


Training of staff and especially the management team is one of the basic conditions for effective implementation and operation of the information security management system. That's why we offer a wide range of training programs, including lectures, practical work, role plays and more.


The certification process is an assessment of your information security management system from  accredited body against the requirements of  the standard ISO 27001:2013. After successfully passing the certification audit you will receive from certification organization a certificate that ensures your partner on your system compliance with the requirements of the standard. Very important process is the final preparation before conducting certification audit.

Thanks to its experience as auditors to various certification organizations our experts will help you methodically in preparation for certification audits, as well as during the audit.

If you want to make sure that everything above is true, there is only one way: check our practice!