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MSC Services Ltd - your ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 9001 consultant

Thanks to the expertise of our specialists as auditors of management systems and consultants, “Management systems consulting services” may to offer its clients a wide range of services in the implementation and auditing of management systems, training and optimization of business processes.
We offer the following main groups of services:

1. Consultation on implementation of management systems.
Our specialists will provide full support throughout the development, preparation and implementation of management systems. The main stages are:
- Audit and analysis of the compliance of the initial state with the requirements of the standard
- Development of documents of the management system
- Implementation of the management system
- Preparation and participation in certification audits
Alas, we can't do everything and we are not competent under any existing management systems and standards, because each of them requires specific knowledge. And we do not try to mislead you that we know everything! Our team is dedicated and has enough knowledge to be useful in the implementation of the following management systems:
- Quality management systems - in accordance with  ISO 9001
- Information security management systems - in accordance with the standard  ISO 27001
- Service management systems - according to the requirements of  ISO 20000 – 1
- Business Continuity management system - in accordance with the standard  BS 25999 -2
- Business Continuity management system - according to the  ISO 22301 standard 
training, consulting, auditing, management systems quality, information security, IT services, business continuity
2. Auditing Management Systems.
We offer the following types of audits :
- Audits of compliance in implementing new management systems
- Compliance audits and analysis of already deployed management systems
- Internal audits of management systems - you can use the competence of our specialists in conducting internal audits in your organization
- Second party audits - in conducting compliance audits of the management systems of your partners - for example your suppliers

3. Training.
We offer a wide range of training programs regarding the requirements of relevant standards, embedded management systems or specific knowledge of them. We conduct a basic training for the awareness of staff, management trainings on a management of the system, training for internal auditors.
The methodology of the training covers various approaches, such as lectures, practical exercises, case studies, role plays and more.

4. Methodological assistance in preparation projects for EU funding.
Our team can help you free of charge on the preparation of projects for implementation of management systems in the Application of EU funding. Our assistance in the preparation of such projects can be in:
- Diagnosis and define the appropriate management system for your organization
- Define the basic parameters of the management system
- Budgeting the costs of development and implementation of the system
- Assistance in selection of alternative certification organizations and Inquiry
- Advising on the selection of additional equipment and software for effective implementation of the management systems

5. Other specific services.
For any other type of specific services, related to management systems in accordance with the above standards, you can contact us through our feedback form.

If you want to make sure that everything written above is true, there is only one way: go to our practice !